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Discus Fish For Sale | DiscusGuy.com
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by James Parsons on Discus Fish For Sale | DiscusGuy.com
New fish already breeding

I posted a review earlier but felt the need to provide an update. I purchased 8 discus from Discus Guy in two batches to restock a tank after a power outage disaster (I now also have a gas generator, an investment I highly recommend to protect your fish in an extended outage). The fish are the most vibrantly colorful and healthy discus I've ever had and I will never purchase from another source. Of the eight, I already have two breeding pairs and one of those -- a pair of beautiful Blue Snakeskins -- successfully hatched and raised their fry on only their second try. I can't think of better proof that the fish available from Discus Guy are truly the best. I've had discus pair and breed a few times over 15 years in the hobby but these new fish are breeding like rabbits! Also growing larger and more colorful every week -- unquestionably the healthiest discus I've ever seen.

by James Dandridge II on Discus Fish For Sale | DiscusGuy.com
The Best

I have ordered fish in the past and have just received a new order of 6 discus and as usual, they are some of the best, truly awesome color and shape. I will be ordering from here again. I'm setting up a 175 gallon which will contain more of these beautiful fish. Thanks Discus Guy.

by dan hoer on Discus Fish For Sale | DiscusGuy.com
awesome fish

received my 12 discuss and they were healthy beautiful and awesome !!! will buy again !! thank you Robert ----- Dan

by David Worley on Discus Fish For Sale | DiscusGuy.com
New Babies

Second order from DiscusGuy/Rob. All 5 arrived in pristine condition and are now in their own tank. Beautiful little 2 inch babies. Got great info from Rob on temp and how to feed. First class business and i am going to order more today.

by Jodi Leask on Discus Fish For Sale | DiscusGuy.com
Awesome Experience

I recieved my fish and they were all alive and swimming fine. This was my first experience from ordering online and i can say i will be ordering from him in the future. He was very helpful answering all my questions and giving me the tracking # when i asked for it(i failed to see it in plain view on the site)! Wish i could give more stars!

by Tim Dunlap on Discus Fish For Sale | DiscusGuy.com
Discus fish

Bought 6 beautiful discus from discusguy a couple of months ago and all arrived health.They looked great right out of the box.In a couple of hours you couldn't even tell they were shipped and all came to the top of the tank ready to eat. In the 2 months I've had them they have at least doubled in size.Thank you and look forward to building a bigger tank and getting some more.

by Tammie on Discus Fish For Sale | DiscusGuy.com

I have to say that I was shocked that you could order fish and have them delivered to your door. And now I we have 14 beautiful Discus. Some of them, of course, do not have their colors...and I am guessing all of them will change color. So happy they all arrived healthy and beautiful. Anticipating watching them change to adult colors. We highly recommend Discus Guy.

by Sean on Discus Fish For Sale | DiscusGuy.com

Received shipment today...ordered 4 of one strain, and four of another. With the "buy 4 get one free" special, I expected to get 10, but only received 9; my bad for not catching that before I started opening the bags, I guess. Also, although they were alive when they arrived, one was only marginally so. By the time I'd floated the bags and transferred it to the tank, it was dead (outside the one hour window). Two others are lying on their sides gasping...not sure if they're going to make it. So, of the 10 fish I was hoping to see, I've got 8 live ones (what I paid for)..two of which are doubtful. Fish were well packed, though..no complaints

by Daniel McIntyre on Discus Fish For Sale | DiscusGuy.com

Won an auction. Fish shipped to me. During shipping one of the bags leaked. People at Fedex placed the fish in the bag with the other and added some bottled water. For days I nursed that fish back to health only to have it die a couple weeks later. their guarantee of live delivery doesn't mean if it's 3/4 dead they'll do something. Beware when ordering and having fish shipped in.  This was FedEx fault not DiscusGuy.  DiscusGuy delivered as promised.

by Richard Newkirk on Discus Fish For Sale | DiscusGuy.com

Just completed my third order. All the discus have been beautiful and healthy. Showing full colors within a day and taking food then too. I’ve now ordered almost every variety they carry. Extremely happy with the quality of the fish and the service they provide. Thanks Rob!

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