Betta Fish Tank

Betta Fish Tank

Aquariums make your home look more appealing and more natural when setup correctly. They also give a sense of peace and calmness in any home setting. Betta fish are beautiful fish that come with lots of different colors. When most of the people buy Bella fish in a pet store, they tend to shove them in a small vase or bowl and add just a small plant for the natural taste. This is not ideal to keep the fish living for a long period of time.

It is better to keep these fish in a Betta Fish tank that is much bigger than a mere vase and thus the fish is able to move around quite fluently. The other disadvantage of keeping these fish in a bowl is that the temperature will not be suitable for the fish. Betta fish tend to do well in temperatures of about 78 degrees and this cannot be well maintained in a small bowl. If the temperature is not set correctly, your fish will not move about as it should and will also tend to eat less. This, in the long run, reduces the lifespan of the fish.

The Actual setup

As this is just a simple setup for one fish, it will not need a lot of requirements. So the first thing you should do is get the materials. The materials required are;
• A thermometer
• A 2.5 or preferably 5 Gallon aquarium.
• A submersible heater
• Gravel or sand for your substrate
• A filter
• Water
• Moss balls or an aquatic plant

Most of these items you can find at a pet store near you. Make sure you get the right materials that will be able to suit your fishes needs.
Add sand or gravel to the bottom of the Aquarium, just enough is required to act as a base for any aquatic plant you may want to introduce. This base also gives the fish tank a natural look.

• Attach the submersible heater to the Betta Fish tank. Make sure that the heater keeps the water at the perfect temperature for the fish which is about 78 degrees. You can test this by using the thermometer.
• Place the water filter strategically in the aquarium preferably on the upper parts so that the currents from the filtering does not disturb the fish. The filter acts as a huge advantage as you will not have to regularly change the water as the ammonia will be filtered out.
• After setting up the filter, you can then add the aquatic plant or moss balls to make the fish tank look more natural. Live aquatic plants and the moss balls also help to filter out the excess ammonia in the water and this contributes to the well being of the fish.
• Once done with the above steps, add a little bit of water and transfer your fish from the bowl or vase to the Betta fish tank. Enjoy.


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