Aquarium Spider Wood



Aquarium Spider Wood

Aquarium Spider Wood is a must have item for all aquariums. Aquarium spider wood provides the required natural elements to every aquarium. This wood is perfect for attaching moss plants.

Driftwood is a critical part of an aquarium ecosystem. It provides cover for fish to hide, provides a base for moss plants to grow and makes a great spawning site for fish.

This spider wood is available in 3 different sizes.

The wood has been dried out for shipping purposes so it is very light weight. When you first place it in your aquarium it will float. You must let it float for several days until it absorbs water then it will sink on its own within one week.

Over time a white fuzzy film may develop on the wood but it is normal and will eventually go away. Fish will even eat the white film off the wood so do not remove it on your own.

Pair this wood up with some of our other live plants to make a beautiful landscape and environment for your fish.

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8-12 inches, 12-16 inches, 16-24 inches


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