Premium Beef Heart Flakes (2 packs)

Premium Beef Heart Flakes


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Premium Beef Heart Flakes Discus Fish Food

2 containers!

Now available to the public by popular demand!

Doesn’t fowl your aquarium water like regular beef heart but gives the same benefits to your discus!

This is what we feed all of our discus fish! Discus fish require a high protein discus fish food. Discusguy’s premium beef heart flakes is extremely high in protein which produces vibrant fish coloration and quick growth. This food is not found in stores – only on The fish food sold in stores does not contain much protein. This premium blend is what we have been using for over 20 years to breed and grow out discus fish.

I receive many emails asking me what we feed our discus fish. Now it’s available to the public! You will not find any other discus food like it.

Protein – Max 45%
Fat – Min 10%
Fiber – Max 3%
Moisture – Max 10%

Sold in 4 ounce containers (4 ounce volume not weight) You will receive 2 containers.

beef heart


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Discus Fish Food Feeding Instructions

Feeding instructions:
Feed your discus 2-3 times per day. Feed only as much as they will eat in 10 minutes. After you feed wait about 30-45 minutes and siphon or net out any uneaten food from the bottom of the tank. This discus fish food will not cloud your water if used as directed. Do not overfeed your discus fish. This food should be used as part of your discus fish diet but should not be the only food you feed your fish.

Recommended Daily Discus Feeding Schedule:
Morning – DiscusGuy’s Premium Beef Heart Flakes
Noon – DiscusGuy’s Premium Discus Flakes
Evening – Frozen blood worms

If you are unable to feed your fish in the afternoon then you simply apply the afternoon feeding in the early evening and the evening feeding at night before bed.

The above feeding schedule has proven to grow your discus quickly and and healthy.

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