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Live BlackWorms For Sale – Local Pickup Only in New Jersey. Shipping is not available!

We sell live blackworms by the portion. One portion is equivalent to the number of worms that can be picked up with a plastic spoon.

Live blackworms are one of the best foods you can feed your fish. They are high in protein and nutrients and can survive in your fish tanks for long periods of time if not eaten. Live blackworms are perfect for all freshwater fish.

Blackworms are found mostly in North America and Europe. They typically live on the edges of lakes, ponds, and marshes. They feed on decaying vegetation such as leaves and algae as well as microorganisms.

How to Store Live Blackworms

Blackworms should be kept in plastic Tupperware containers stored in the refrigerator. They require cold water. You shouldn’t store the blackworms more than 1/4 inch in thickness and should have only enough water to cover the waters. Too much water will cause them to drown.
You must change the water in the container daily. The worms do not need to be fed if kept in the refrigerator. They will live off their own body weight.

We DO NOT SHIP live blackworms. They are available for local pickup in New Jersey only by appointment.


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