Premium Discus Flakes (2 packs)

Premium Discus Flakes


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Premium Discus Flakes Discus Fish Food – Discus Guy’s Premium

. 2 containers!

Now available to the public by popular demand!

Did you ever wonder what the discus breeder’s feed their discus? Well now you have the opportunity to feed your discus fish the same food that Discusguy uses to breed and raise all of his discus fish.

Doesn’t cloud your aquarium! This is a high quality special blend discus food not available in stores!

This is what we feed all of our discus fish!

High in protein for quick growth and true fish coloration.

Protein – Max 45%
Fat – Min 7%
Fiber – Max 3%
Moisture – Max 10%

Sold in 4 ounce containers. (4 ounce volume- not weight) You will receive 2 (4 ounce containers)

discus flakes


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Here is our recommended daily feeding schedule for discus fish:

Morning – DiscusGuy’s Premium Beef Heart Flakes
Afternoon – DiscusGuy’s Premium Discus Flakes
Evening – Frozen Blood Worms

If you are not home in the afternoons you can do the afternoon feeding in the early evening. Then do the evening feeding at night before bed.

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