Red Velvet Discus


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Red Velvet Discus Fish

The Red Velvet Discus Fish is a very unique strain of discus. The body has a deep intense red coloration.

This fish requires a high protein diet consisting of Discus Flakes, Beef heart and frozen blood worms.

Like all discus the Red Velvet Discus Fish is a schooling fish so they must be kept in groups of at least 6 or more discus.

This discus prefers warm water temperature in the range of 84-86F degrees.

They begin to show some color even at a young age and the colors darken and become sharper with age.

This fish will get along with all strains of discus as well as other types of discus fish tank mates.

This is a must have discus for all discus keepers.

This fish is currently only available in 2 inch size.

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