Aquarium Salt

Aquarium Salt

Aquarium salt can be a great way to tackle common fish sicknesses and is great for use with discus fish.

Aquarium salt in pet stores is quite expensive. There is no need to look for anything beyond your kitchen table. It is a fact that ordinary salt can be a great remedy for preventing and curing various fish ailments. It helps in healing injuries, promotes slime coat formation, boosts the function of gills and reduces nitrate uptake.

Salt is also a powerful remedy against a few parasites. However, salt has to be used with caution so that only the benefits are reaped and the unpleasant effects are not experienced for your fishes.

According to Wikipedia, salt can also be used to kill parasites in aquariums.

Aquarium Salt Uses and Dosage

Aquarium salt can be used for various purposes:

1. Stress treatment – In this case, measure 1 tsp salt for every gallon of water that is there inside the tank. Use a small-sized container and have the salt dissolved in a small amount of water obtained from the aquarium. Once it is dissolved completely, add the solution gradually to the tank.

2. Nitrite and Ammonia treatment – When it comes to preventing and treating nitrite poisoning and ammonia, measure 3 tsp salt out for every gallon water that you have in the aquarium. Once it is dissolved fully, add the solution gradually to the aquarium.

3. Salt bath is the best option when you wish to reduce stress for your fishes, or while trying to treat a whole tank for preventing nitrite poisoning. While using salt bath treatments, change water 25% every week. This has to start 1 week after the initial treatment begins. After bath treatments have started, do not add extra amount of salt.

Performing a Dip

A salt dip is the chosen method while treating parasites. Add 4 tsp salt into a clean bucket, and then gradually add a gallon of water from the tank. Swirl the water to have the salt dissolved thoroughly. Once the salt has been dissolved fully, put the fish inside the bucket for anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes. Closely monitor the fish and check whether it exhibits any sign of distress. If any sign is shown, instantly get the fish back to the original tank.

Keep in mind that some fish and plant species cannot tolerate the use of salt. Thus, you have to use salt with a lot of care. While common table salt is okay, it should have no additives and must be non-iodized in form. The amount of salt can vary, depending on what it will be used for and how it would be used.

Aquarium Salt Dosage Instructions

Slight Ammonia/Nitrite Protection = .75 tsp per gallon for 48 hours.
Nitrite Protection = 2.5 tsp per gallon for 48 hours
Parasite and Swim Bladder Treatment = 2.5 to 5 tsp per gallon for 5 days.
General healing, fungicide and tissue repair = 7.5 tsp per gallon for 12 hours.
Short Term Salt Dip for parasite removal = 22.5 tsp per gallon for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

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