Building a Fish Tank

Building a Fish Tank – Things to Consider

Having a fish tank at home and watching real fishes move about can be a joyful thing. It is not that you have to buy an expensive fish tank in order to do that. You can build a fish tank of your own at home with some easy supplies. Know about some of the top equipment that you need in order to build a fish tank all by yourself.

Aquarium Types

When building a fish tank the most common fish tank is made of glass panes that are bonded together by silicone sealant. When using glass it is critical that you use 100% silicone. The silicone joints are usually the first thing to go on any glass fish tank so you need to make sure you use the correct type of silicone sealant. In most cases plastic frames are attached to the upper, lower and corner edges of the tank just as a form of decoration but are not necessary.

Many objects can also be used to build aquariums including coffee tables, old television sets, gumball machines, and even the shell of old Apple Macintosh computers!

glass fish tank

Another common option besides glass when building a fish tank is acrylic. Acrylic is popular due to the fact that it is much stronger than glass, not as heavy as glass and it also provides some insulation that helps maintain water temperature resulting in less load on your aquarium heater and less electricity consumption. Unlike glass, acrylic is able to be bent and shaped to form various shapes that are not possible with glass. Acrylic is not bonded together with silicone like glass, but instead acrylic-soluble cements are used to fuse the acrylic together. The only downside to acrylic is that it scratches easier than glass however it is possible to polish out scratches in acrylic, where in glass its impossible to get the scratches out.

acrylic fish tank

Fish Tank Stand

Once you are aware of all the dimensions of your fish tank, you may easily calculate the amount of weight that the stand would have to bear. It is very important that the fish tank stand can withstand the weight of the fish tank and the stand must be level to prevent the water from overflowing, cracking or becoming distorted. Fish tank stands can be built with or without cabinets to store and hide filtration and supplies. It is highly recommended that you place your fish tank on a cushion of polystyrene or foam to ensure that the fish tank stand surface is level as well as to prevent it from any cracks. This foam will sit on top of the fish tank stand in between the stand and the fish tank itself.

Filtration system

A solid filtration system is important for the health of your fish. The filtration system is based on the amount of water that it is expected to filter. In case you have a very weak filtration system, it will filter only low amount of water and this will have no impact at all. Fresh oxygen supply can be made possible by a good filtration system. The most common filtration systems combine biological and mechanical filtration. Filtration systems are the most complex and important part of the fish tank.

Best Fish Tank Filters


Most species of fishes can survive in a specific temperature that symbolizes their natural habitat. Your fishes cannot survive in case the water in the tank is either too cold or too warm. Fluctuations in temperature can have a similar impact. This is the reason why it is important to have a constant temperature. Tropical fishes would most probably like to live in water that is warmer but each species of fish is different. In order to regulate your temperature you will need a thermometer along with your heater. It is also a good idea to have an air pump to help circulate the aquarium water so the water gets heated evenly and maintains at the same temperature throughout the tank.

Best Fish Tank Heaters


It is essential to have a light system for the plants and fishes inside your tank. Similar to any other creature, fishes have a definite day and night cycle. They respond to disturbances in their cycle in a negative way. This is just like the bodies of humans reacting if the sun rises and sets in a random way. Lighting also has an effect on the plants in your tank as some plants require more lighting that others.


Other than the basics, you should also keep a few plants – such as Hornwort and Marimo Moss Ball – inside the tank for aesthetic improvement as well as for better oxygenation of the water inside, and to make fishes feel closer to their natural habitat. Plants are also very beneficial for the fish to hide and spawn.

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