Discus Water Changes

Discus Water Changes


Clean water is a key to discus fish health. A clean tank with a constant exchange of new, fresh water will work wonders for your discus’ health. In this article, we will explain how to keep your water clean without requiring fancy equipment like reverse osmosis filters.

A frequent water change is one of the most important factors for discus growth. It has been proven through an experiment that where one tank’s water is changed multiple times daily, and in another tank, the water is changed only once daily. The discus in the water that was changed more often grew twice as large as the discus in the water changed less often. Since discus fish naturally produce substances that are detrimental to their health, water changes are important to removing these impurities. When nothing is hindering discus’ growth, they can reach their full potential and flourish.

In this article, we’ll explain why you should change your discus’ water, how much you should change, how often you should change it, and what equipment you can use.
Amount of aquarium water to change and frequency

Although all tropical fish aquariums require regular water changes, discus aquariums in specific need frequent water changes. For this reason, you should change your discus’ aquarium water at least once a week. Some people change 20 to 25% of their aquarium’s water two to three times a week. If your discus look and behave healthier after water changes, change their water more frequently. Remember: The more you change your discus’ water, the more that harmful substances will be removed, and the more that your discus will flourish!

One myth is that you need to change discus water constantly. The truth is that successful breeders vary widely in the amount of their discus’ water that they change. Some breeders change their discus’ water 100% only once a week. Others change their discus’ water 25% three times a week. Others change 50% of their discus water twice a week. So you don’t need to worry about following a strict, set regimen. Instead, just keep in mind that changing your discus’ water removes harmful toxins and other impurities. Change your discus’ water frequently if you can. But if you can’t change it frequently, just make sure you change it at least once a week.

In special cases you may need to change the tank’s water daily. Examples include when rearing young fry or when medicating your discus.
You don’t need to change your entire aquarium’s water at once. Many people only change a percentage at a time, making the job much easier.

Discus Water changes- what’s the best time to do them?

The timing of the water change is just as important as the frequency. Discus, like all creatures, accustom themselves to you and your patterns. If you maintain a steady pattern, your discus will look forward to and be prepared for its water change. But if you provide an unstable pattern, your discus may become skittish during water changes.
A useful method is to time water changes after a major feeding period. This helps to remove any built up waste and left over food.

Discus Water Changes – How much water to change?

This is ultimately up to you and your abilities to carry out the water changes. Make sure to change your discus’ water frequently, and then decide on what percentage is best for your discus.
Equipment used for water change
To make it easier to change your aquarium’s water, you may want to use no spill drain and refill systems, which you can find at many pet shops. However, these systems are not necessary. If you want, you can simply use buckets.


One option is that you can have a bare tank without gravel. A tank without gravels provides the most pristine environment for the discus. Remove gravel that would normally hide waste and uneaten food.

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