Pleco Tank

Pleco Tank – How to Choose the Best One

Pleco fishes are algae-eating / bottom-feeding fishes found in freshwater aquariums.  They originate from South America. Plecos are referred to as “sucker fish”.  They clean the tank even when you do not need them to. These are quite self-sufficient and like to live in warmer water. These consume the green algae that are present within tanks, and feed food from the bottom – which cannot be done by other fishes. Find out how to choose the best tanks for these fishes.

Consider the size

You have to consider the room size before you purchase a tank. In case you have a big room with an open space in one corner, you may opt for corner tank that can make the room look more beautiful. You may also place it in such a way that it becomes the highlight of the room.

Go for budget tanks

If you want to save money opt for oblong fish tanks constructed out of glass. These cost the least among all fish tanks, and can also be maintained with ease. If you need a tank that is big and decorative, choose a corner or hexagonal aquarium.  Hexagon aqauriums are attractive in appearance and are available in acrylic and glass. In case you are planning to purchase a Pleco tank for the first ever time, choose smaller tans which can make you familiar with the entire process.

Beginner or Pro

In case you are a beginner, look for tanks with starter kits that are very convenient and are excellent value for money products. Tanks made of plastic are excellent choices for beginners and Pleco fishes can also feel comfortable in them. A hexagonal aquarium tropical starter kit is available with a lidded tank, gravel and under gravel filter. The light is usually fitted into the tank lid. The tank also comes with a thermometer and heater. The kit comprises of foods, plants and ornaments for the fishes. Glass fish tanks come in starter kits which are intended for more serious users. Glass tanks have 4mm reinforced glass to ensure strength. The aquarium hoods and bases are made of PVC that allows for easy cleaning. You can find Glass starter fish tanks for tropical as well as for cold water fishes. Fish tanks with colorful fishes can make homes look brighter and stand as a fun decorative item.

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