Assorted Discus Fish (2 to 2.5 inch) – 10 Pack



Assorted Discus Fish is an assortment of 10 (2 to 2.5 inch) discus of various colors. We will choose the best colors available at the time of your order. (Customer cannot specify the colors in this package)

Typical colors that may be included:

Blues, Reds, Turquoise, Snakeskins, Yellows, Checkerboards, Red Eagles and MORE!!


checkerboard pigeon blood discus



blue diamond discus


cobalt blue discus

The assorted discus fish require a high protein diet. The diet consists of premium beef heart flakes, premium discus flakes, and frozen blood worms.

This is a perfect package for starting a new discus aquarium or adding to your existing collection. We will be sure to give you a good mix of colors. This eye-catching display of colors will be a true asset to your discus aquarium.


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