Assorted Discus Fish Bundle – 3 Inch

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Assorted Discus Fish Bundle – 3 Inch Package

Take advantage of the amazing savings with our 3 inch Assorted Discus Fish bundle.

The Assorted Discus Fish 3 inch bundle come in 3 different options:

5 Assorted 3 inch Discus

7 Assorted 3 inch Discus

10 Assorted 3 inch Discus

We will send you a good variety of colors such as Blues, Reds, Yellows and more!

With these bundles we select the discus colors, you do not get to choose the colors. However, we aim to please so you will not be disappointed!

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5 Discus Fish – 3 inch size, 10 Discus Fish – 3 inch size, 7 Discus Fish – 3 Inch size


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