Live Potted Aquarium Plant Bundle



Live Potted Aquarium Plant Bundle – 5 Live Potted Plants

Live aquarium plants add beauty as well as health benefits to every aquarium.

In this bundle you will receive 5 Potted Plants:

1- Anubias Cogensis
1- Anubias Barteri
1- Amazon Sword
1- Kleiner Bar Sword
1- Narrow Leaf Sword

The live potted aquarium plants in the picture is the exact plants you will receive.

These plants are specifically for warm water so they are perfect for discus fish tanks!

Live aquarium plants add beauty to every aquarium as well as helping to maintain higher water quality by binding organic waste.

The live plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen which makes your aquarium a healthier environment resulting in happier and healthier fish!

Plants also help reduce stress and illness in fish as it makes them feel as if they are in their natural environment.

Another benefits of live aquarium plants is that they fish will establish territories among the plants which will help decrease the amount of fighting among fish by forming many small territories instead of one big one in the aquarium.

These plants are very easy to maintain and do not require any special equipment. They are suitable for both beginner and advanced aquarium keepers.

Shipping for the Live Potted Aquarium Plant Bundle is FREE!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding live plants.

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