Fully Cycled Sponge Filter


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Fully Cycled Sponge Filter

No need to wait 6 to 8 weeks to cycle your new fish tank with this fully cycled sponge filter.  Drop this sponge filter in your tank and it will be cycled immediately!  This fully cycled sponge filter has been up and running for well over 6 months.  Fully cycled with beneficial bacteria.    Just imagine being able to buy a new tank today and being able to put fish in it today!!  It is now possible with this fully cycled sponge filter.

Each sponge filter is good for up to a 60-gallon tank.

Do you have a 100-gallon fish tank?  No problem!  Just purchase 2 cycled sponge filters and your tank will be cycled instantly.

Do you have a 300-gallon fish tank?  Not a problem.  Purchase 5 cycled sponge filters and your tank will be cycled instantly!

You will need to attach an airline hose with an air pump to the filter in order for it to work.  It will filter your water while providing oxygen to your fish.

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