Golden Checkerboard Pigeon


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Golden Checkerboard Pigeon- 2 inch size

This is a must have discus fish for every discus keeper.

The Golden Checkerboard Pigeon Discus must be in groups of 6 discus fish or more.

They prefer warmer water temperature of 82-86 degrees.

They require a high protein diet.

This strain of discus is more difficult to breed than darker colored discus. The reason being is that their bright color makes it difficult for the newly hatched fry to find the parents to attach for feeding. Darker colored discus fish turn a really dark color during spawning making it easy for the fry to attach to the parents. Therefore the golden checkerboard pigeon discus yields a higher price tag. This same fish at pet stores retails for over $130. The larger they get the more they are worth.

This fish is a great investment for any discus keeper.  Available in 2 inch size.

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