Live Aquarium Plant Bundle



Live Aquarium Plant bundle is a must have for all freshwater aquariums.

This bundle comes with 3 Live Plant Species:
1- Amazon Sword
1- Rosette Sword
1- Hornwort

The live aquarium plant bundle are warm water plants so it is able to strive in higher temperatures in the 82F-86F degree range and as low as 65F degrees.

This assortment of live aquarium plant will enhance every aquarium. It will also provide ample hiding and resting space for your fish.

To achieve maximum growth these plants require proper lighting of at least 2 watts per gallon or more.

These plants are shipped 5 to 8 inches in size. The horwort can grow up to 24 inches tall and is typically used as a background plant. The Amazon Sword and Rosette sword can be used as mid or foreground plants as they will not grow as tall.

Create a beautiful Natural habitat for your fish. For the best eye-catching display scatter the swords around the aquarium planted singly. Place the horwort against the back glass of the aquarium as the background.

Perfect for mid-size and large aquariums.

These plants are very easy to care for and maintain.

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