Super Growth Flakes (2 PACKS)


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Super Growth Flakes – DiscusGuy Exclusive!

2 Containers

These flakes are the missing link to the diet of your discus fish.

This EXCLUSIVE blend is only available at

The HIGHEST Protein content on the market for super fast growth and coloration!!

Protein = 55%

You cannot find this food anywhere but!

Use this food as part of a well balanced feeding program along with our other exclusive foods.

This food is good for Discus and any other tropical fish.

We recommend you feed your discus at least 3 times per day with a good variety of foods.

Here is our suggested feeding schedule:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:
Morning – Super Growth Flakes
Afternoon – Premium Discus Flakes
Evening – Beef Heart Flakes

Tuesday and Thursday:
Morning – Super Growth Flakes
Afternoon – Brine Shrimp Flakes
Evening – Premium Discus Flakes

Saturday and Sunday:
Morning – Frozen Blood Worms
Afternoon – Beef Heart Flakes
Evening – Premium Discus Flakes

Do not feed more than your fish will eat within a 10 minute period. Keep adding little portions of food until they are completely eaten. Once eaten add a little more until they will not eat anymore.

Super Growth Flakes are sold in 4 ounce portion cups. (Same as our other exclusive foods)

The food will not cloud your aquarium water if you do not overfeed the fish and maintain a steady water change schedule.

DiscusGuy Exclusive Foods are made with the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best health conditions for your fish. We do not use any harmful chemicals to speed up the growth process.

You have tried all the cheap foods on the market without any results. Many of the foods out there your fish will not even touch. Give our Exclusive foods a try and your discus fish will thank you!

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