Wormer Plus

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Wormer Plus Aquatic Wormer, Fluke and Parasite Killer.

Wormer Plus is the ultimate medication for tropical and cold water fish used to treat gill flukes, body flukes, and intestinal helminths.
Wormer Plus can be used at any temperature and will not harm filters, plants or tropical fish.

Worms are inevitable for aquarium fish especially for wild caught specimens such as Discus Fish. Every fish can carry its own complement of worms. When in good health the worms do not cause a problem, however as soon as the fish become stressed, their natural immunity is compromised and worms can take hold.

Wormer Plus will control tapeworms and other internal parasites.

A sure sign that your fish is infected with worms is if the fish is very thin, usually dark in color, but will still eat normally.

Wormer Plus should also be used as a preventative once a month to ensure trouble-free fish keeping.

This product is available in 2 sizes:

5g Pack = treats 600 US Gallons (500 UK Gallons)

20g Pack = treats 2400 US Gallons (2000 UK Gallons)

Each pack includes a scoop for easy application.

Directions for Use:

Shake contents of packet well, measure out the correct dosage (on level scoop for every 36 gallons of water) and dissolve in a container with aquarium water. Place lid on container and shake well to dissolve. The amount of water used to dissolve the medication does not matter. Add treatment slowly across the top of the aquarium over a two to three minute period.

This is a one time treatment. In the event of heavy infestations, repeat the dosage after 4 days. Do not perform water changes until treatment is completed (4 days).

DO NOT OVERDOSE- it will kill your fish if not used as directed!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can this be used with saltwater fish? – NO, it can only be used with tropical/freshwater fish.

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