Angel Fish

Angel Fish – The Facts

Angel fish are some of the most beautiful fish that you can include in your aquarium to make it more interesting. The fins are normally very long and flowy making them fascinating creatures to observe. They are very easy to maintain and hence their popularity among beginner fish keepers.

Fish tank set up for angel fish

Angel fish can grow to a very large size in its adult life. Choosing a large enough tank to support such growth can help in supporting them as they increase in size. Research shows that angelfish that are placed in small fish tanks are often very unhealthy and even aggressive. You should go a large tank that can support at least 30 gallons of water to ensure that your fish thrive in a spacious environment.

If you are planning to keep more than just one angel fish then the larger the better. Though they are great at living as a community, they can become territorial due to their background of being in the cichlidae family. Angel fish are heavy eaters and this means that they produce a lot of waste in the aquarium. You can control the waste by investing in a proper filtration system that will efficiently clean the water regularly to avoid toxic build up. Make sure to take caution if keeping angel fish with discus fish as both species are very territorial!

Finding the right substrate for your angel fish is a major decision that will benefit your fish. You can decide on a basic option of using gravel substrate which is easy to clean and maintain. It is also cheaper compared to other available substrates. You can also add sand to the gravel if you are more experienced with fish keeping. Since angelfish originate from the amazon basin which has sandy bottom, your fish will feel more comfortable in a familiar environment.

Decorating your angel fish tank can be very simple and you can include vegetation. The vegetation can be plastic or live like depending on your preference. You can also add rocks and even hiding places which will make it easier for your fish to create territories. You can include rocks which can be a perfect place for the fish to lay eggs.

Feeding your angel fish

Angel fish are known aggressive feeders and always look forward to meal times. A balanced diet is recommended to ensure that your fish are healthy and comfortable in the fish tank. You can include flakes, frozen food and even pellets to provide them with the required nutritional content. You can feed them 3 to 4 times in a day by giving them small quantities rather than one large meal.

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