Turtle Tank

Turtle Tank- How to Set One Up

I get many questions from customers asking if they can keep turtles with fish. I get this question so often that I decided to write a specific article for it.

For all of you wondering – it is NOT a good idea to keep discus fish in a Turtle Tank!

Pet turtles are interesting pets to own because they make fascinating little companions who are gentle and very shy. They can be very interactive once they are comfortable in their new turtle tank. If you want to have a quiet pet the turtles can be a great addition to your home. They are very quiet animals making them perfect for people who live in apartments. Another great benefit of keeping turtles is that they have a long lifespan of up to 30 years.

Choosing the right turtle tank

Turtles need water and dry land to survive meaning that they will need a lot of space to swim freely and move around without difficulty. They also require a dry area where they can warm up away from the water. this dry place is known as the basking area and it is very important to include such an area in the turtle tank.

For turtles which are about 6 inches and below, a 30-gallon tank is recommended. While for medium sized pet turtles the 50-gallon tank is more suitable. Large turtles of more than 8 inches are more suited for the 75-gallon tank to ensure that the turtle has adequate room for swimming and basking.

When choosing a turtle tank, you should avoid going for the reptile tank which is designed for terrestrial reptiles. This is because the glass is usually very thin and might not be able to support the water pressure required to hold the water in the tank.

A good tank should be 0.4 inches at the minimum.
The turtle tank should be deeper in height than it is wide. This is because your turtle will require more room to flip correctly if by accident it turns upside down.
Add necessary equipment

You can choose to have a lamp that can easily be hooked on to the turtle tank or simply find one that can be placed separately but directed to the tank. The light is important to the turtle when it is basking and so the light should always face the basking area. UVB light is mostly recommended because it helps stimulate vitamin D3 that will make the turtle healthy and with a strong shell.

Other equipment to add can include a water heater for species that prefer warm water. you can decide to invest in a good turtle tank filter which will clean the water and ensure that your turtle is in a safe environment. You will also have to change the tank water every week to prevent waste accumulation in the tank.

One last note, turtles can also be fed flake food.

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