Discus Cloudy Eye

Discus Cloudy Eye – Signs and Treatment

Symptom: White film on discus eyes.


Cause: Poor Water Quality

Is it Contagious to other fish: No

Treatment: Perform large water changes for 3-4 consecutive days until white film is gone.

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Cloudy eye on discus is a common fungus that is caused by poor water quality. You will notice that one or both of the eyes have a white cloudy film over them. Cloudy eye is often mistaken with discus pop eye. When a fish has discus cloudy eye there eyes only become cloudy but they do not seem to protrude from the head like pop-eye.
The treatment for discus cloudy eye is very simple. Perform large water changes at least 50% for 3-4 consecutive days until the white film is gone.
Cloudy eye can spread to other fish so make sure to keep this in mind when looking for discus fish for sale.

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